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Redwood dining table for ten.

48" by 96" by 3" redwood top. Legs ar also 3" thick slab legs

Redwood back from the ashes.
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Dining (Redwood) table
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52" wide by 124" long and 3" thick top, total height of table is 30" Custom ordered table. I make more than you can imagine. A table that is practical and will give your home additional WOW factor.

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Curlly hollow redwood log from Big Sur. Ca.
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Redwood chaise. Before & after
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Click picture to ZOOMRedwood branch table.
One of many Mushroom lamps made and sold over the past ten years.

All natural Redwood
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A small fraction of the old stump.

Medusas heart
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This is a two ton chunk of twisted redwood from the Medusa redwood. Guess what you would look like after six hundred years and many lightening strikes? Now in a home in Langley British Columbia.

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New recycled bench
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Redwood, copper and hemp rope make up this bench that will last a life time. The model in this picture is my mother. Marlo Jean Kelso Sigler

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It's (almost) all made from this tree
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This is the tree that changed my life and almost all of my creations come from. A 600 year old coastal redwood that took many a lightening strikes causing this tree to grow in different directions instead of growing straight to the sky.

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6100 Moonstone Beach Drive in Cambria, California. This is the newest bench at Moonstone Redwood June 2014

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