Creations by William H Scroggins

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The Gallery

Moonstone Redwood Gallery is located at 6100 Moonstone Beach Drive. In beautiful Cambria, California on the central coast. On Moonstone Beach. Open 9-4 seven days a week

Orville Picasso the Dragon
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A children’s playhouse with front door, back door and an escape hatch in the bottom. A LED light strip in the ceiling that lights up when a door is opened and a off/on switch inside. Redwood that is copper clad and strong steel legs.

Another custom order
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Made to fill the void around the entertainment center and the columns pull out to hide DVD’S

Redwood and Cooper desk
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Custom build for Centrally Grown in Cambria

Redwood burl Heart.
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I only use the most figured redwood that can be acquired for all of my creations.

Redwood sculpture
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In the gallery

LED lamps
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Redwood and redwood roots are used to create all of my mushrooms

Recycled Redwood & Copper bench

Custom order from a Cambrian.

Redwood and copper sales counter
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Seed & Soul coffee house in Cambria, Ca.

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Click picture to ZOOMRedwood & Copper hearts
There are always hearts on the walls in the gallery.

Do you have a large foyer?
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Should have this redwood branch ready to display as a finished sculpture by 2017. It is 13' tall and four feet wide by 12" deep with a base foot print of 84" by 42"

The Orville Scroggins Tree
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A six hundred year old Sequoia semperviren. The tree blew over in a storm on top of a mountain at the entrance to an estate. I was able to procure the tree for (coastal redwood).

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