Creations by William H Scroggins

Moonstone Redwood Gallery
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Gallery fireplace
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Redwood and copper
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Redwood burl Heart.

Natural shape of the first slice from a redwood burl

600 years in the making.
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From burned and rotten coastal redwood comes the most beautiful piece of wood ever.

600 pound mushroom & family
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I have been sculpting redwood mushroom table lamps and floor lamps for ten years and I owe the mushroom success to my mother (Marlo Sigler) who received the first six mushrooms from me in 2003

New bench

Custom order from a Cambrian. Delivered July 3rd 2015

Not your fathers redwood
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A branch or a bench?

Redwood and Copper bar

Redwood and copper bar outside the studio.

Redwood slabs, all sizes and shapes
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This is a three and one half inch slice from a redwood stump rotting in the ground.

New recycled bench
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From Bella's (model on bench) 2015 Redwood root collection..

Do you have a large foyer?
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Should have this redwood branch ready to display as a finished sculpture by 2017. It is 13' tall and four feet wide by 12" deep with a base foot print of 84" by 42"

The Scroggins Tree
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A six hundred year old Sequoia semperviren. The tree blew over in a storm on top of a mountain at the entrance to an estate. I was able to procure the tree for (coastal redwood).

Old Barn remains
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Second tyme around 200 year old barn timber bed..

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